At Timberline Home Inspections, it is important to us that all of our clients receive top-notch service, and the absolute best value for their dollar. By staying on top of the area's going rates for home inspections, we offer highly competitive rates, without sacrificing inspection quality. Not all homes are the same; they all offer different challenges and obstacles. Some are bigger, some are smaller, but no matter what, you can always expect the same level of care, quality and professionalism from Timberline Home Inspections!

Single Family Dwellings:

  • 0-999 sq. ft. - $489.00 

  • 1000-1499 sq. ft. - $509.00 

  • 1500-1999 sq. ft. - $539.00 

  • 2000-2499 sq. ft. - $569.00

  • 2500-2999 sq. ft. - $599.00

  • 3000-3499 sq. ft. - $629.00 

  • 3500-4000 sq. ft. - $659.00


For homes greater than 4000 sq. ft., please contact
Nathan with the MLS# or property address for your quote today!

Mobile Homes:

  • Single wide - $479.00

  • Double wide - $509.00

Condo/Apartment Inspections:

  • 0-749 sq. ft. - $429.00

  • 750-1250 sq. ft. - $459.00

  • Greater than 1250 sq. ft. - $489.00

If there are multiple dwellings on one property, the largest home will be calculated at its regular rate, and each additional home/building will be calculated at a 50% discount on the size rate above!

Prices are subject to applicable taxes. Please see fields below for additional information on other pricing details. Home sizes are determined at the inspectors discretion, including but not limited to the use of MLS listings and BC Assessment pages.

Possible Additional Charges

** Each additional Suite within each home being inspected are subject to an additional $25.00 charge per suite.


** Prices above are subject to homes within 100km of South Slocan, BC. Homes that require a travel distance of more the 100km, or require an extended travel time, are subject to an additional travel charge at the Inspectors discretion. For travel of more than 100km, inspections are subject to an additional $1.00/km travel charge, in one direction. Travel times/distances are calculated at the inspectors discretion, including but not being limited to the use of Google Maps.

**Log homes are subject to an additional $100 charge on top of the homes regular size rate above, due to the complexity of these inspections.

** If you require additional outbuildings to be inspected on the day of your inspection, those outbuildings are subject to an additional charge, at the inspectors discretion.